Portable Dome Ø20m for AgroBalt Expo Agriculture, Kaunas, Lithunia


Agro Balt is the leading event for agriculture, food & packaging industry.

The international trade fair is the meeting point for importers, manufacturers, dealers & service providers to show the latest developments in the industry. It covers all kinds of food processing and packaging machines, materials, systems and products.

Profile for exhibit include Plant breeding and horticulture, stable and feed technology, primary processing of agricultural produce, milking and dairy technology, Machines and equipment for food processing, packaging technology, process technology, bakery and confectionary technology, refrigeration and freezing technology, transport and storage technology, Food, Beverages and international specialties, Forestry.

Дополнительная информация

Object page:Alfaagro
Object address:Kaunas, Lithuania
Technologies:Steel frame elements, Membrane cover
Project date:2008
Floor area, m2:314
Cover area, m2:628
Geometry type:Icosahedron




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