Portable Domes Ø6m For Energy Security conference 2007, Court of Presidency, Vilnius


Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus delivers a speech during the opening of the Energy Security Conference 2007 in Vilnius 11 October 2007. Adamkus said the European Union needs a united external energy policy to protect the interests of all 27 of its members, amid concerns over Moscow’s market muscle-flexing. Lithuania and its fellow formerly Soviet-ruled Baltic states of Estonia and Latvia, as well as ex-communist Poland, have expressed disquiet about a pipeline that Russian gas giant Gazprom and German firms BASF and E.ON are planning to build beneath the Baltic Sea by 2010.

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Object page:Energy Security conference
Object address:Lithuania, Vilnius
Technologies:Steel frame elements, Membrane cover
Project date:2007
Floor area, m2:56
Cover area, m2:112
Geometry type:Icosahedron




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